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Benson Farms

"Welcome to the Farm Family" - Pastured Pork Sampler

"Welcome to the Farm Family" - Pastured Pork Sampler

Total Cost includes processing by our USDA certified butcher, packaging and dry ice to guarantee your meat arrives frozen, and free shipping delivered to your door:

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Each box includes FREE SHIPPING to your door and the following:

  • ~3lbs Bacon
  • ~3lbs Sausage
  • ~2lbs Tenderloin

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

This is locally grown Pastured Pork from a nearby farm. It's safe and all-natural. This is the same pork that we feed our family. Because our promise to you is that we would never sell something for you to feed your kids that we wouldn't feed our own!


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Bacon Bundle  Benson Farms

Delicious Pastured Pork

Each box has a variety of delicious farm-to-table pork options that should have something for everyone. This is sourced locally from one of our neighbor's farm. They are a family farm, like ours, and they use the same USDA certified butcher that we use for our beef.

A couple of years ago, I picked up a pack of bacon from the local grocery store for breakfast one weekend. It looked good enough on the shelf, but when I threw it on the griddle, it cooked down to almost nothing. Not only that, it had NO FLAVOR! None! It literally didn't taste like anything. I couldn't understand how someone could raise a hog that didn't taste like pork. How do you even do that? How is that possible?

Well, let me tell you, since we've started eating this local farm pork, we will never go back to that grocery store crap again! This bacon cooks up great and tastes like bacon should. MEAT CANDY!

But it's not just about the bacon. Their sausage is great too! It's made with a proprietary recipe that has been passed down through our USDA butcher's family from generation to generation. Rumor has it that one of those big processors once offered a million dollars for the recipe and the old man told them to pound sand! All I know is that this sausage is as good as any I've ever had.

The pigs live the majority of their lives on pastures and not confined in indoor pens. There are large barn stalls with access to outdoor fenced paddocks where the sows are moved to give birth and raise their pigs until they are weaned. They're not some big CAFO (Commercial Animal Feeding Operation) growing for Smithfield, ConAgra, or Cargill. They are a family farm.

They also don't use unnecessary antibiotics, vaccines, or hormones. They feed GMO free distiller grains from local producers and the result is clean, delicious pork that you can feel good about feeding to your family. This is the pork we feed our kids.

  • Benson Farms We cannot thank yall enough for the awesome selection you have provided for us! I know first hand how delicious yalls meats are and I cannot wait to enjoy this awesome grass-fed beef and share it with my family at home! For my friends that don't know about Benson Farms, you should get to know them! Won't find better meats around here! Check them out on Facebook!!!! You won't be sorry!

  • This meat is one of the best in town! For the price and quantity received it's very hard to beat.

    I highly recommend this business to anyone!

  • Benson Farms, Thank you guys!! I am so excited. The kids and I will definitely be putting this to good use!! Ashlyn really enjoyed seeing all of your cows too.