To Trust Your Food, Know Your Farmer!

Are you concerned about the consequences of commercial meat production on your kids' health?

Do you always feel like you're settling for the best bad choice when you're shopping for meats?

Do you feel a sense of doubt when you look at the labeling on grocery store packages, even in the "quality" food chains?

Like you, we struggled to find quality meats that we could feel good about feeding our kids. We were concerned about the long term effect of growth hormones and antibiotics on their development and their immune systems. We decided that the only way to be confident about what we were feeding them was to raise it or source it ourselves.

So, in 2016 we decided to go all-in and began producing grass-finished beef from the cows that we raise on the farm. We also began sourcing pastured pork from nearby farms who share our beliefs and values. Now we help families like yours by providing a convenient way for you to enjoy those same safe, delicious meats delivered conveniently to your door.

From Our Farm to Your Table!

Our Cattle, Care, and Experience give you the BEST Grass-Finished Beef. Guaranteed.

  • "Meat" your farmers!

Jason and Casandra Benson grew up on neighboring farms on Merrill Mountain in the Appalachian Mountain foothills of North Alabama. They now live on part of Casandra's family farm overlooking the Tennessee River where they are raising two sons and two daughters. With their children growing up here, this has become a fourth-generation cattle farm.

The combined farms are ~200 acres comprised of green pastures covered in a mixture of fescue and other native grasses and shaded hills of native evergreens and hardwoods. They maintain a herd of ~25 brood cows with calves and registered Black Angus bulls. They operate their farms in a way that is respectful of the natural seasonality of the herd and typically harvest their beef two times a year in the spring and the fall.

Wouldn't you like to know who's raising the meats you are feeding your kids? Well, now you can.

The commercial meat packing industry is Big Business. That means that, more than anything else, their focus is on profits. Their cows are packed into lots designed for one thing - To get them as Fat as possible as Fast as possible. They are fed grains that mother nature didn't design them to eat, given growth hormones to speed up their weight gain, and pumped full of antibiotics in an effort to prevent sickness and disease that arises naturally from their awful living conditions.

The "Big Four" meat packers have been exposed time and again for misleading customers with questionable, and often outright dishonest, labeling. They have been forced to recall massive amounts of meat due to contamination through lack of oversight and quality control. And the recent shortages during the COVID pandemic exposed the amount of uncertainty and, frankly, just how fragile their supply chain is.

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Hormone Free

Big commercial meat companies pump their animals full of hormones to make them grow bigger and faster. Their only concern is the profits of the company. They don't care at all about their customers or the cattle's well being.

We don't use growth hormones. PERIOD. Our cattle mature at their own natural pace just like God intended. We don't want added hormones in the meat we feed our family and would never do that to the meat we raise for yours.

Antibiotic Free

Commercial beef cattle spend two thirds of their lives crowded into cramped cages, pens, and trailers. These unsanitary conditions, combined with the fact that they are overweight and unhealthy from consuming massive callories with zero exercise creates a recipe for disaster. To combat this, big commercial meat companies treat their cattle with "preventative" antibiotics in and effort to head off widespread disease transmission and death.

We don't use "preventative" antibiotics. We don't need to. We don't inject our cattle with unnecessary antibiotics because our cows aren't sick. They live in open pastures with lots of fresh air and plenty of room to roam. In the rare case that we have to administer an antibiotic, that animal is removed from our harvest list.

Vaccine Free

Bovine vaccines are generally to prevent diseases that are transmitted through respiration or fecal matter. Generally speaking, those diseases would spread more easily throughout livestock kept in close quarters.

We don't use vaccines. We just never have. Some farmers would probably think we are crazy, but we have never implemented a vaccine program for our herd. We have always maintained a small, closed herd and our head per acre is very low. Maybe it's because our cows have lots of room to naturally distance themselves from one another as they roam around, or maybe we've just been lucky. It has just never been a concern.

Tasting is Believing!