Welcome to Benson Farms!

We are committed to producing grass-finished, all-natural beef without any of the growth hormones, antibiotics, additives and preservatives you will find in most available sources.

We Make It Easy!

Would you love to buy meat for your family direct from a farmer you can trust, but you don't know how?

You're not alone! It's something that we hear often from customers just like you. "I want to buy safe, delicious meat and support small farms, but farmers just don't make it easy."

Don't worry. We're here to help. We'll guide you through the entire process and make it completely painless for you to provide the highest quality meats from our farm to your table.

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  • 2. Place Your Deposit

    Once you've placed your deposit, we'll put your name on one of our limited herd. Then you'll have peace of mind, knowing we are raising the best, all-natural grass-finished beef for your family.

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  • 3. Enjoy Your Beef

    Your beef will be harvested at its peak flavor. We will pack it and ship it for free. Your beef will be professionally sealed by our artisan butcher and arrives right to your doorstep in convenient, frozen packages.

Our Values & Beliefs

We only work with people we trust to produce the meats we feed our own family. We personally vet every business we consider working with. That's because we know that our our children's healh depends on them.

Like us, our USDA certified butchers are small family businesses, too. They are 2nd or 3rd generation artisans who learned their trade from their daddies and grand-daddies. And like us, they value honestly, integrity, and quality. They understand that reputation is everything and word travels fast around small towns.

It is also important that any butcher we work with understands how important the humane treatment of our animals is to us, and our butchers do.

Grass-finished Beef & Working with Nature

We ensure that the animals we raise have an opportunity to experience life as naturally as possible. We practice pasture rotation and allow our cattle to roam freely throughout our farm. We maintain a small enough herd that there is always plenty of pasture available and cows don't have to be confined to small lots or fed processed foods. Our cows graze on 100% grass when available. During the winter we provide them with plenty of high quality hay and offer supplements with minerals and nutrients for the animals' well-being. Especially nursing mommas.

We also work with the natural cycles of the cattle for our harvests. That means that we ship beef in spring/early summer and then again in the fall. In order to plan our harvest, we pre-sale all of our beef packages. We don't offer individual cuts. Each of our packages are structured to honor the whole animal. That means that every package includes an assortment of steaks, savory cuts like roasts, picanha, or brisket, and plenty of our signature Premium Ground Beef.