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Benson Farms

Bacon Cheeseburger Box

Bacon Cheeseburger Box

Total Cost includes processing by our USDA certified butcher, packaging and dry ice to guarantee your meat arrives frozen, and free shipping delivered to your door:

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The cheap ground beef you buy at the grocery store is barely better than hotdog meat. With all the pink slime and chemical treatments it goes through, there just isn't much meat there. Well, not this beef!

This is everything you need to make 20 Premium quarter pound bacon burgers. Start with our Premium Ground Beef, made with cuts that you don't get in commercial ground beef. Cuts like top roast, round roast, and rump roast that you see in the grocery stores, we put into our ground beef. Not to mention that it's all 14 day dry-aged! You just can't buy ground beef like this in the super markets.

Then add on locally grown Pastured Pork Bacon sourced from a neighboring farm. It's safe and all-natural. This is the same pork that we feed our family. Because our promise to you is that we would never sell something for you to feed your kids that we wouldn't feed our own!

Each box includes FREE SHIPPING to your door and the following:

  • 2lbs Bacon
  • 5lbs Premium Ground Beef

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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  • Look at this delicious wrap made form beef from a local farm! The meat has less grease than store bought meat, you get more meat in a pound because it doesn't cook away as fat and has such a better flavor..... Thank you Benson Farms!

  • Tomahawk steaks for dinner!!! Nom nom nom!! Thank you Benson Farms for always providing quality, delicious beef!!! We are never disappointed!!! And thank you hubby for them grill skills!

  • I split a beef order with my parents. Pick up was a breeze and the process could not have been any easier. Living in North Alabama my family and I have had plenty of opportunities to try farm to table beef and the beef from Benson Farms has been the best we have tried. We will definitely be repeat customers.