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A-Bone Cow Share Club

A-Bone Cow Share Club

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Congrats! By going in on a whole beef together and picking up from our farm, everyone gets BIG savings! With this exclusive Cow Share Club price of only $9/lb, you'll save more than 33% off our standard retail price! Each "Beef Buddy" can reserve as many 1/8th shares as they want at the reduced Cow Share Club price. This beef is the highest quality grass-finished beef on the market! All our beef is dry aged to perfection for 14 to 21 days and vacuum sealed in heavy duty freezer packaging.

Here is how it works: The whole cow is broken up into eight 45 to 55 pound boxes (Which equals 1/8th beef per box).  Each box just has a $200 deposit with the final amount due when orders are ready for fulfilment. 

 The deadline to have all 8 of your boxes reserved is 5PM on April 30th.
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Each 1/8th Beef Contains:

Delicious and Nutritious Beef

Each package contains an assortment of chophouse quality steaks, savory roasts, and our signature Premium Ground Beef custom blended by our artisan butcher.

  • Look at this delicious wrap made form beef from a local farm! The meat has less grease than store bought meat, you get more meat in a pound because it doesn't cook away as fat and has such a better flavor..... Thank you Benson Farms!

  • Tomahawk steaks for dinner!!! Nom nom nom!! Thank you Benson Farms for always providing quality, delicious beef!!! We are never disappointed!!! And thank you hubby for them grill skills!

  • I split a beef order with my parents. Pick up was a breeze and the process could not have been any easier. Living in North Alabama my family and I have had plenty of opportunities to try farm to table beef and the beef from Benson Farms has been the best we have tried. We will definitely be repeat customers.