Benson Farms 10-06-22 Newsletter

Benson Farms 10-06-22 Newsletter

Good afternoon,

It’s Jason from Benson Farms. I can't believe that it's fall break already! This week was Jaxon's break and the girls have theirs next week. Miss Caraleigh turned eight years old yesterday! We're all looking forward to doing something fun this weekend.

Poor little Brock has had a rough week, though. (and his poor momma) He started getting a little cough last weekend and was wheezing pretty bad by Sunday. Sandy took him to the doctor and they diagnosed him with a likely RSV infection. They gave him some steroids and so far he's been hanging in there. There's nothing like a sick, cranky baby on steroids! Y'all keep him and his momma in your prayers.

Benson Farms Update: Jaxon has been a big help around the farm this week while he was out of school. He and his Pawpaw have been getting all of the hay in the barn and he's been cleaning the chickens' coup and fixing up the dogs' kennels. Next week we'll be getting ready to move the recently weaned calves to the big pastures.

Spring Deposits are Open: Deposits close in less the four weeks! They close at noon on October 31st. Place your deposit today to put your name on one of our spring herd. Don't wait. We only have 18 head for the spring and they are filling up. Once you place a deposit on a share of the herd, you own it. We'll take care of everything and final payment isn't due until your beef is ready to ship next spring. Go here to see our available Bulk Beef packages and place a deposit now.

Gratitude: This week I've been thinking about how thinking about how this industry really is like David and Goliath. There are less small farms like ours with every passing year. Big corporations like Tyson control the commercial markets and keep prices low while billionaires like Bill Gates buy up land from bankrupted farmers. Nature teaches us that you have to adapt to survive and that is what I hope our farm-to-table business is able to do. So, I'm thankful that there are people like you out there who would rather support local farms than big corporations and I'm thankful for the ability to be able to connect with you.

Welcome to the Benson Farms Family: If you are a new subscriber this week, and this is your first time reading our newsletter, we're glad you're here!

In the news: It looks like "meat" grown in bio labs might be available on store shelves sooner than we previously thought. President Biden's executive order last month has opened the door to federal tax dollars funding bio research and, according to Bloomberg, the FDA and USDA could approve products within a year for the consumer market.

Recommendations: All the kids love smash burgers on the Blackstone and I love cooking them! One thing that you need for a great smash burger is one of these cast iron burger presses from Lodge. I had one of the smaller rectangular ones for the longest and it did a good job, but I love my 7.5" round press. It makes perfect burgers every time.

Until next time,

Jason Benson
Benson Farms

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